McDonnell F2H-3 Banshee (1955-1962)

Banshee, serial number 126402, is one of 39 Banshees purchased from the United States Navy. Banshee 126402 arrived at Shearwater in March 1957 and was flown by VF 870 Squadron from Shearwater and the aircraft carrier HMCS Bonaventure . The Banshee was an all-weather fighter, which primarily provided air defence for the fleet.  It was retired from the Navy in September 1962 and donated to the Shearwater Aviation Museum. This aircraft was displayed outdoors until 2000 where it deteriorated in the corrosive maritime weather. It was brought indoor and refurbished by volunteers from 12 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and is now on display, in pristine condition, in the museum's #2 hangar.

126402 RCN Employment Record

Taken On Strength 13 Mar 57
VF 870 24 Jun 58, 21 Jul 58, 11 Sep 59, 7 Jan 60, 22 May 62
VX 10 13 Mar 57
Struck Off Strength 12 Sep 62