Bonaventure Briefing Room

     The Shearwater Aviation Museum Briefing Room features the original armchairs that were installed in the Aircrew Briefing Room in Canada's last aircraft carrier, HMCS Bonaventure . The air squadrons' senior officers sat in the front row of the briefing room, with each chair identified with their position on the squadron, i.e. CO, XO, A FLT CDR, B FLT CDR, ENG OFF. Bonaventure's briefing room was used to brief embarked aircrew on the their assigned flying missions before being launched by the carrier's steam catapult from the forward flight deck. Each of the approximately 50 chairs in the briefing room is equipped with a foldable desktop that permitted aircrew to take notes about their flight. When not in use the desktop folded down beside the chair.




     In addition to the usual briefing room amenities such as podiums, chalk boards, overhead projectors and retractable screens, the SAM Briefing Room is equipped with a modern audio-visual system that includes a large screen TV capable of showing VCR tapes or Power Point presentations. The briefing room can accommodate approximately 75 people. A desk-top computer may also be available but please ask ahead of time to confirm availability of any equipment you may like to use.

To help bring the community to the museum and the museum to the community, the Shearwater Aviation Museum Briefing Room is available to local groups and organizations. The briefing room can be rearranged to cater to each group's special needs. To reserve the briefing room for your group or organization telephone (902) 720-1083.