SAM Flight Simulator

Educational Values Of The Sam Simulator

An introduction to the art of flight can be achieved just by having a seat in the SAM Simulator. Discover the mechanics of airplanes and helicopters with the ability to fly various aircraft of the Canadian, American, British and other Air Forces. Just like in a real cockpit, you are seated on an ejection seat, with an operational four-point harness. All you have to do is the flying!

How things were then…

Since the first flight in 1903, pilots have used aircraft for various functions. Most advances have occurred during times of strife. Shearwater's role in this history has been well established.

Over the years over sixty types of aircraft have flown operationally from this base and literally hundreds of other types have passed through here. Have a seat in the SAM simulator and relive our past, present and future.

The SAM Sim uses the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.