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Speaker's Corner:
Join us at SAM for a free lecture!On Friday, 15 November 2019, at 1:00 pm, author Anne Gafiuk will speak on her recent book, "Quietus: Last Flight, Accident Proneness in WWII".

Fully trained RCAF pilots aboard sixteen fatal flights during WWII in Canada and Alaska were selected for an accident proneness project in 1946 featuring a range of locations as well as variety of aircraft. 

Why were these pilots chosen?  With the assistance of WWII RCAF veterans, post-war pilots, and aviation historians, Anne Gafiuk recreated the study to find out.  A case study will be featured in the presentation, focusing on a pilot from Montreal:  William Eugene McNichol and what happened to him and the crew aboard Canso A9781 in February 1944 off the coast of Newfoundland.  (Books will be available with proceeds to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Nanton, AB.  Preorders most welcome.)  Anne Gafiuk is a former elementary school teacher in Calgary, Alberta who turned to freelance writing. During her research into WWII RCAF pilots for a fictional story, she became very interested in vintage aircraft, the people involved with them and their history, taking her on a new flight of discovery. 

CH124 Sea King: T
wo CH124 Sea Kings have been inducted into the SAM; CH12401 and CH12431 are now on view!

New Exhibits:
The museum has had new exhibits installed, in our "Time Capsule" we celbrate Shearwater'a 100 years of service, and our Victoria Cross room has been renovated to profile F/L David Hornell and Lt(N) Robert Hampton Gray.

Peter J. Robichaud:
A show of aviation art by this amazing local artist is now on view. If you are interested in Canadian jets of the Cold War era, this show is for you!

Artefact Donations:
The Shearwater Aviation Museum is currently experiencing a very high volume of artefact donations, and as such a significant backlog in assessing the material for our collection exists. Should you wish to offer items for consideration for our collection, please call the curator, Christine Hines, at 902-720-1083, in advance to discuss your objects. Artefact donations will not be accepted without prior consultation.